Young people are the future, in the continuity of traditions and family values. We devote considerable importance and time training them, which is why our grandchildren are and will be the future of Simonini.

Vittorio and Angela have decided to devote their life to making the best Parma Ham. Right since they were very young, they were very keen on the product and turned their trade into a way of combining passion and entrepreneurship.

In 1985 Roberta decided to fully devote herself to the family company. After a brief experience in an accounting firm, she now takes care of administrative matters and the office in general, promptly guaranteeing tangible solutions for any kind of need.

Alberto choose to devote himself to the company in 1986, right after completing his studies. He decided to work alongside the production manager at the time and learnt all the production details. He is now the one taking care of product selection, processing and curing, up to the shipping stage.

Thanks to the constant work, great passion and dedication of the whole family and an expert and close-knit staff, our hams have that unmistakable and inimitable touch that makes them unique.

In a highly competitive market, all products tend to look alike and are therefore chosen based on price. Our mission is to offer the highest quality and professional approach in accordance with the best tradition, that of offering a different and unique product, which is a treat for the palate, whilst maintaining the right attention on the economic aspect.

SIMONINI Prosciutto is made for those who want to enjoy traditional, classical Parma Ham.

SIMONINI Prosciutto is for those who want to enjoy time spent in company, happily sitting around a table with a good glass of wine in hand.

SIMONINI Prosciutto is for those who want to make a good impression with guests, by eating something exceptional, to be remembered.